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nervous about vday
so makeup/hair practice T_T

funny how vday will loose meaning in the future and neither me nor my BB will care to dress up

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Dec 9
Altiana BDAY!

always lots of GOOD FOOD wine and champagne and ALWAYS good company ^_^ i wonder how they're xmas/nye was i haven't heard of them for a while

Dec 13
out with the boyz after funky to posh ->artgallery

started out late went to ice rink but they were closed till 2pm, ice wasn't freezing properly
pics with santa
walk around sephora
eat at art gallery
give up on ice skating
back to my place eat and set the fire place on fire

Dec 21
granville island to pick up last paycheck from Gail
went to the market to try the famous puff pastry clam chowder
was a bad idea to eat so heavy in the morning
picked up angela to go to fashion and gift exchange whole salers area
didn't find much
dropped angela off
me and sally went to amazing japanese food that later on bit of food poisioning x.x o well it was good while it lasted

Dec 22

Dizzy on Xmas


I can barely remember what happened from dec 22-28
everything blurred together

dec 22
george is back taiwan, practically jumped into his arms

dec 23
got off work and went to george's house but he was at work at least he got us a xmas tree ^-^

dec 24
downtown shopping? went to shota for dinner MY FAVORITE ^_^ it was the best thing even tho we couldn't get into any restaurants
scary thing tho someone broke the front door to that restaurant.. guess they were having shitty xmas?

dec 25
Aberdeen and got me my new fone!
and sticky pics!

dec 26
metro/crystal mall
we saw shannon!

dec 27

finally took bb with me to Brioche and enjoyed cheese fondue in the cold under heaters lol
watched avatar
we may have gone to GUU?

dec 28
??? i can't remember

Dec 29
BB picked me up from work and we hung around the fire place
parents came back from the states after ditching me with box of instant noodles -_-

Dec 31
BB came to pick me up, ^_^ see Diz in her new years dress; see Diz cuddles w/ BB
  ^_^ thanks to www.indish.ca helping me make fab din!

went to richmond centre, BB found me the perfect pair of boots, furry on the top and criss cross in the front and lil bit of heel
^_^ I <3 BB

we went to Daiso  found klip so decided to go to maruchu but couldn't find it so we went to nan chuu (gyoza king branch)
dam good! had new years rice cake too

new and owner working together ^_^
good bye Gail! you will be dearly missed! <3

the new owner Virgina made her first purchase! dream catchers the same lady that made the one in Twilight~

Herman came to pick me up
we went to Iwase so i could pick up finally a new copy of GLB and ageha(has article of keiko leaving)
helped me find Maruchu ^-^ DAM good a lil pricey but not too bad 35$/person 12 dishes + bowl of kimichi + 2 bowls of rice

then went to Berry Good!
and yes indeed it is BERRY GOOD XD!

we then rented THE UGLY TRUTH and laughed our ass off XD totally worth buying

Jan 3

took FOREVER to get my ass out the door trying to look as perfect as possible with not large curling iron and only small one T_T
finally made it out, met up with shannon and we went window shopping
tho i wanted to look very perfect for dinner and movie date with BB, i went to get the "oh not so expensive but very comfortable" shuu eyelashes -_-
after eating at Garlic GUU (which was 2hr wait) me and BB went to watch Sherlock Holmes -_-
apparnetly he didn't hear the many times i told him over the phone that i'm getting tix
and then i told him on the fone, 730 only has one tix i bought the next one
we should go to konbiniya and get snacks before going!
--_-- it was when we were walking to it he realize we're going to watch the movie
alreadi giving me the dead look we changed tix for tomorrow

went out to pick up my agenda FINALLY
then we ate japa dogs ^_^ i went to get seats 45mins early ^_^ we got smack in the middle seats
movie was good but not great but i'm still willing to buy it XD it's funny
then walked up and down robson to the tourist stores to find the same dream catcher to see if the small or med one is ne better but i think the ones funky got is the best

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Nov 15
girlies night out
me Sally and Alice and Angela all of us are elementary to high school friends
we went out for chicken wings and then dessert at joeys

it was at the wings place
didn't fine anything particular other then a bit on the dry side and lack of inspiration for their recipes


after work at Propagnada, went to Posh with Sally, their new beef (angus beef cut perfectly at 2mm)
is a hell lot healthier then the original beef they had (which they still serve)
at the end, the pot does not have 2" layer of oil on top or a lot of foam produced by the beef


my attempt at felt work, a DIY set from Kitty, currently stuck at making the cream T-T maybe giving up soon

Dec 1

Dizzy @ work, she thinks she can still fit into those tiny purses

Dec 2
day before Martin freaks out in my chair at the salon x.x
but we went for ramen afterwards and desert too! i finally found macaroons from Chicco, but they were quite a disappointment
it was way too matcha powdery and already been on the counter too long as the shells have soften =/
took the rest to share with co-workers

Dec 04

The keg (dinner with the new owner of Funky, Virgina)
had steak, it was way over cooked the made me a new one and wrote off all our desserts ^_^
T_T though the service was horrible they forgot Fijas' fork she asked for and she didn't want to eat the dessert with a spoon
and we ask specifically to warm up the brownies before adding icecream, and the girl said thats the way the serve it
in reality they served it cold...

Dec 05
depressing day...
cheered up when Herman took me out for coffee and a drive, it gave me a small distraction and room to breathe

Dec 6

Herman treated me to brunch to further distract me, we went to Burgoo (a favorite) and also the location where the best macaroons were too
Brie fondue
w/ garlic and white wine
paired with tomato, grapes, bread

first time for fondue it was fantastic makes me want to make my own one at home for xmas, and enjoy near the fire place

as good as always however @.@ did they forget cheese? or did i remember it was in the french onion soup?

Alpine Mead
it's like a lighter sweeter version of red wine

then we went to the bakery
but apparently she sold out of macaroons even the frozen ones TT-TT

Went to Propaganda, xmas staff party

my hair is literally 5" high ^_^
I put a cape over my fur jacket and omg ! instant loli jacket ^_^ now i dont need to buy one!
dropped over to Kelsy home ( they are sooooo kool)

arrived at the party .. slightly bored as i dont really seem to know how to socialized
near the end there was a xmas exchange and i realized i forgot my prezzie T_T suks!
so i ended up holding dizzy and napped a bit on the couch
eventually o.o Andre(owner) came out with xmas prez! we all picked a number ^_^ I was lucky enough to get i think 50$ futureshop gift card
I can't decide...I dont know if BB wants the Wii because he WANTS it or because he wants it for me to have fun with at his home ....
or should i use it to get a ipod so I dont have to listen the ever constant repeat of the same ipod ?

I feel very lucky to have been hired at propaganda, to have been so special that a company would invest in me, and hope that I will become something to help them in the future
it maybe hard sometimes... but wow.. i feel lucky and special..

Secretly Viki

I received something very nice on sat
it's sad that now it happens and not during when it should of happened

So what I got ^_^ was a cutey invite card to a birthday party

back then:
I rarely got to be invited to bday parties @.@ I guess I must be weird or something? but it was sad to watch them hide it away from me >.<

ne ways, sad that it happens now when i'm old

how come old people don't give that extra mile to make a beautiful bday party?
ie invite cards?